Tankwa Artscape

Land Art installations in the middle of the Tankwa Karoo?
A residency for artists in the semi-desert?
A dream, developed, shared and nurtured by the owners of Stonehenge Private Reserve and some artist friends, came true.
Artists from all over the world will come to Stonehenge Private Reserve to create permanent and ephemeral installations for Tankwa Artscape. The artworks are informed by and become part of the unique landscape of the Tankwa Karoo. They are an invitation to walk and wander in the desert and to witness how art and nature can meet and merge.
Tankwa Artscape allows for an intense and intimate encounter with artworks exposed to the elements of nature: heat, wind, sand, stone.
Even though land-artists work in parallel with nature and create their interventions with all precaution, their installations will always remain a fundamental contradiction to themselves: they disturb, ever so slightly, what they draw attention to, what they touch, the virginity of nature.
However, over time the forces of the elements in the Tankwa Karoo are going to complete all artworks, they come from nature and they will return to nature.

Podcast Ashley_Dowds_in_conversation_with_Kim_Goodwin about Land Art and Tankwa Artscape

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AfrikaBurn is the spectacular outcome of the creative expression of thousands of participants who gather in the last week of April at Stonehenge Private Reserve to create Tankwa Town, a temporary city of art, theme camps, costumes, music and performance!

Nothing is for sale at AfrikaBurn. Nothing. It’s about self-reliance. It’s a decommodified zone with a gift economy, which is about giving without expecting anything in return.

Here, huge sculptures punctuate the sky and the desert floor is dotted with art works, from multi-story creations to a field of over-sized daisies that light up at night.

Thousands of people wear colourful costumes and wander around, giving out fruit, popcorn, drinks, yoga lessons and any other gift you could think of. There’s a circus, a post office, a radio station, a Swiss alpine chalet, a saloon straight out of the Wild West and nearly a hundred other themed camps including dance floors, bars and coffee stations.

This is AfrikaBurn, Africa’s most unique, unusual, exhilarating and mind-blowing festival.

When it’s all over, everything is packed up, leaving no trace that this parallel universe ever existed.

Oryx. Simon Max Bannister, 2015. Image Jaco Uys
Oryx. Simon Max Bannister, 2015. Image Jaco Uys

Mark-making. Leli Hoch, 2016
Mark-making. Leli Hoch, 2016

"Temple" by Kim Goodwin for AfrikaBurn 2016