2020 - The year that wasn’t.

An informal residency for invited artists happened in October 2020

The Sprites, South Africa

Maia Lehr-Sacks, Marguerite Neethling, Tegan Greene
“The Little Paper House II

By day she greeted us kindly, offering her paper walls as sanctuary. Providing a bright shade in this windless heat. A small place where we could hold ourselves in this beautiful but vast expanse.

She was meant to be a little safe place in the darkness too - but in the midnight quiet her presence evoked the unsettled thoughts of the frightened dances we dance each day.

Shadows turned her walls into windows and replayed scenes of past lives and other whispering worlds across them.

She resumed her life and showed us what she had always been. Refusing to let go of her past as she lived in the present. A ghost constantly haunted by her own ghosts. Living a new life; living an old life.

Leli Hoch, South Africa

“The Broken String”
Because of a broken string
because of a people breaking the string
the earth my place is the place of
something, a thing broken,
that does not stop sounding breaking with me

Poem by Stephen Watson based on
Dia!kwain’s /xam story, Lloyd Bleek Collection

James Mader, South Africa


Journey, endeavor and destination.
The question is fundamental to everything I am.
A mirage in the sand.

Etienne de Kock


Robert Koch

A Kind of Magnificence”

Images and videos courtesy of Tegan Green, Lyn Mossop, Robert Koch, Janet Botes, James Mader